Granite Peak Trip Report

Granite Peak
January 11-13, 2019
Trip Report

The trip started without a hitch in Downers Grove with 31 eager skiers who then met up with 19 skiers in Rosemont second stop…despite massive quantities of liquor,water and snacks, our favorite bus driver Jeff from Van Galder bus lines was able to figure out the “tetris-cube” maze of equipment and gear, and we even left for the hills of Wisconsin early!

Stoney Creek Lodge was forewarned about our late arrival, and their team aced the room key retrieval while six “manly men” were volunteered to unpack the bus for all the rest of the travelers. Most skiers went off to dreamland, but a few stalwarts headed to the small bar in the hotel after learning that the hot tub was closed for the evening…(I’m not certain, but rumor has it that a few would have been a little more “stalwart” on their skis the next early AM, but what the heck: “we’re on vacation!!!”

Co- leader Anna was a STAR (remember this word) at getting lift tickets and rentals to all those who signed up, and we were happily up and down on good snow that was occasionally found to be scraped to ice, but good practice for upcoming longer trips and for some, checking out our new gear. Unfortunately on this trip, this same leader had worked up some speed, caught the wrong edge on her skis and catapulted down the slope with all extremities extended (RISKING HER LIFE and AT LEAST A LIMB or TWO!, she adds!) and was described by an onlooker as a STARfish tumbling down the hill!! We all know though, NOTHING keeps our ever-ready bunny(as in ski) down!!

After about thirty of us warmed up with beer, wine and snacks and relaxed in the hottub(sign says max occupancy of 13…gulp!) we were off to a fabulous new find for dinner: Thrive Foodery…a great farm- to- table experience with staff treating us like royalty…the four who were ambivalent about signing up for the group outing were welcomed and accommodated and we had our own large area for our own. Cupcakes were fresh and delicious: some of us were too stuffed, so the restaurant had them wrapped expertly wrapped for us to enjoy home on the bus…the best laid plans went awry though: in his haste to pack and then ski on sunday, a certain gentleman realised they were going to be enjoyed by the hotel maids instead, as he forgot the treats…(we now know him by his nickname of “Cupcake”!!!)
Fortunately, that appeared to be the only casualty of this trip, which was made even more special by us singing Happy Birthday on the bus to our beloved membership chair John Angelus, who asked for “no gifts ..just sign up to become members of our club!”

All in all, a super trip with a super group!

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