Membership for the 2024-2025 Season

The official Sanctuary Ski Club membership year is August 1st through July 31st. We will be taking memberships online starting on June 1st, 2024.

Individuals, New Members, Renewals:  $25

Click here to sign up online and complete your membership payment through PayPal.

You can print out the membership form and mail in a check to Membership Chairman, P.O. Box 5, Brookfield IL 60513

 Check out our FAQs page for detailed information about our club. Issues? Send an email to

1. Membership FAQs

What are the membership dues?

We have gone to a flat rate fee of $25 per person.  We have applied the discounts for early payment, couples membership, and membership renewal to everyone.  Everyone pays the same, even our President.

Can I pay with a Credit/Debit card?

Yes!  The future is here!  You can now use your credit card to pay for membership at general meetings or use PayPal and sign up online.

Do I have to fill out and sign a membership form every year I renew my membership?

Yes – but we make it easy by having a box to check if your contact information is the same as it was the year before.

So… all I have to do is check a box on the form?

No – You still have to put your name on the form and sign it.  But that’s all, we promise.

I’m paying for a trip, but I have to pay membership dues as well.  Can I just roll the cost into one check and make it easy?

Strangely, no.  Trip leaders have separate payment records from the membership committee.  While it seems easier to cover all payments with a single check, it can actually cause confusion as to whether membership payment has been made since there are two separate record forms and only one check.  To be certain your membership is processed properly, you should write a separate check attached to your signed membership form.

Do I have to be an actual skier to join?

No – But it helps if you can tolerate being around skiers.   Some members join only for bicycle outings, or just to travel with the group. It doesn’t matter how you get down the mountain, or even if you just tour the town at the bottom, it’s all about having fun.

Does Sanctuary have Family memberships?

No – Sanctuary is a 21 and older club.

I have a membership application from last season, can I just write in this years dates and use it?

No – Please use the current membership form to sign up with.    There might be logistical changes year to year, so always use a membership form from the current year (season).  If you have an older form, recycle it and print out a current one.  You can put up to two members’ information on one form.

I’m not very good at skiing.  Will I be able to find someone to ski with so I don’t get left at the top of the hill by myself freezing?

Yes – we try to accommodate all levels of skiing/boarding.  There are a number of members who can give mini-lessons to beginners or first-time skiers.  Contact the trip leader of your prospective trip if you need help making arrangements.  We of course recommend that all new skiers take a professional lesson.

I’m a good skier, do I have to babysit beginners the whole trip?

No – Once you get to the hill you can assist beginners, ski on your own, or with friends.  We understand that there are no friends on powder days (your significant other might take more convincing however).

Do I have to live in the greater Chicago area to be a member?

No – There are Sanctuary members both local and out of state during any given season.  Club business can be conducted through email and US Postal mail.

Do I have to come to the meetings?

No – We encourage all members to attend general meetings, and all members are welcome at executive board meetings.  If getting to the meetings is not practical, you can do all your club correspondence through the mail and email.  We have several members from out of state, and trip leaders can usually accommodate travel arrangements to trip destinations from wherever you are.

I just got elected to the Sanctuary Ski/Snowboard Club Executive board – Do I get a free membership and trip now?

No – Board members must pay their membership dues and for their own trips like all other members.  It’s how we keep our trip prices as low as we can. (Sorry Dennis).

Do I get a membership card or something?

No.  Paper cards are too easy to lose or duplicate; laminated cards are too expensive.  We have decided to keep costs down and dispense with the whole card concept altogether.  If you’re lucky, we might have some stickers to pass out.

It’s been a month and I haven’t seen any email from the club, what’s the deal?!!

There could be a data entry mistake with your address or email, especially if you filled out your application by hand after a couple of beers instead of filling out the PDF from our website.  If you signed up at the club picnic or our trip kick-off there might be a delay in processing due to the number of applications we get all at once.  Double check your Spam folder and if you don’t see anything after two months, send an email to the membership chairman and verify that your contact information is correct.

If I put down all my information are you going to sell it somewhere to offset the cost of trips?

NO!! – Sanctuary Ski/Snowboard Club membership information is only used by the club to contact club members.  Demographic information is provided to inform prospective members, and aid the trip committee in selecting trip destinations and departure locations.  An annual club directory is made available to members at the end of the season.  Members who select the “Do not Publish” box on the membership form will only have their name and address listed in the directory. Telephone and email information will not be available except to trip leaders and the Executive Board.

2. Download the membership application.

Come back June 1st, 2024 for the new Membership Application

3. 2023-2024 Membership Stats

Total Members: 415

Gender Breakdown: 40% Female | 60% Male

I get downhill on: 85.4% Skis | 7.8% Snowboard | 3.9% Both | 2.9% Other or None

Level: 1.2% Never | 8% Beginner | 45.9% Intermediate | 35.7% Advanced | 9.2% Expert

Age Breakdown: 5.8% 21-30 | 16% 31-40 | 9% 41-50 | 27.1% 51-60 | 32.9% 61-70 | 9.2% 71-80+

Location: 81.2% Illinois | 2.9% Indiana | 4.8% Wisconsin | 1% Colorado | 2.4% Michigan | 7.7% Other (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Orgeon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington)