Registration, Cancellation, Terms and Regulations

Reservations for all trips are a privilege and require club membership, and a completed “Trip Application and Contract” along with submission of the appropriate deposit to the trip leader or his/her designee. The Sanctuary Ski Club reserves the right to decline acceptance of a trip application at any time, based on the applicant’s past inappropriate behavior as such behavior may have i) impeded the operation of a trip, ii) compromised the safety of other trip participants, iii) hindered other participants from taking part in normal trip functions or activities, or iv) been detrimental to the image of the Club. Applications will be reviewed for acceptance. The rejection of a trip application will be determined by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board. Rejected trip applications will be returned in a timely manner of about ten (10) days and the applicant will be responsible for any fees incurred pursuant to the Club’s Cancellation Policy. All trips offered by the Sanctuary Ski Club shall be outlined in the Club publications and administered according to the publication outline as well as the terms of this Trip Application and Contract. The Sanctuary Ski Club reserves the right to change the itinerary, cancel or amend the trip, or change the mode of transportation, if the Executive Board deems it necessary for reasons that may include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, labor strike, safety or other unforeseen circumstances.
The Sanctuary Ski Club and its officers and members shall not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or loss occasioned by neglect or default of any company or person engaged in conveying any tours or trips whether by railroad, motor bus, motor car, steamship, boat, air or any other means and as such are not responsible for any damage, expenses, or inconveniences caused by late train, plane, motor bus, or ship arrivals and departures or by any change of schedule or other conditions. The Sanctuary Ski Club shall not be liable or accountable for damages, loss or injury occasioned by any hotel proprietor or car rental organization or other persons supplying services or materials in connection with Club activities. The Sanctuary Ski Club reserves the right to withdraw a tour or trip, to refuse to accept or retain any person as a member of a tour or trip at any time. The Sanctuary Ski Club is not responsible for lack of snow, non-operations of lifts at ski resorts, non-availability of equipment, lost or stolen property, of for closure of access routes to or from resorts due to snow or other conditions, nor is it to be held liable for any additional expenses or consequences arriving there from. The Club shall not be held liable for payment of any refund for unused hotel accommodations, meals occasioned by late arrivals, or the hotels holding rooms as per confirmed itineraries. The Sanctuary Ski Club shall not be held responsible or liable for any injury due to accidents of any nature at any time during a trip or other official Club functions. An applicant’s cancellation either before or after the final payment, will result in a cancellation fee, and any costs that are incurred by the Club according to the published Cancellation Policy, There will be a 48-hour grace period following the first and second payment due date. If after 48-hours, payment has not yet been received, the appropriate chairman may bump the applicant, in favor of the next person on the waiting list. Reasonable effort will be made to assign roommates, and accommodation preferences, but neither is guaranteed.

Sanctuary’s Trip Cancellation Policy

If a trip applicant is current on all trip payments and elects to cancel his/her application he or she may do so provided the applicant:(i) submits a signed and dated Sanctuary Ski Club “Trip Cancellation” form to the Trip Leader or Trip Leader designee;(ii) Pays all unrecoverable costs which accrue to the Club as a result of the cancellation (All comps, including trip leader comp, are classified as unrecoverable expenses on cancellations submitted less than 14 days prior to departure)(iii) pays an additional trip cancellation fee of $50 ($10 for a Midwest trip) in the event the Trip Cancellation form is submitted less than 30 days prior to trip departure. This fee can be waived FORJUST CAUSE with approval by the Executive Board)The Trip Cancellation form is available on the Club’s website @ The Club will make reasonable effort to resell the vacancy and if unsuccessful, the Club will attempt to obtain refunds for unused services to minimize the cancellation costs to the applicant.