Trip Kickoff Guidelines – Please Read

Sanctuary’s Trip Kickoff 2020 – Trip Signup Policy

Due to COVID-19 restrictions limiting us to 50 people per room, Trip Kick-Off 2020 will be spread over multiple rooms and have two start times.

 7:30 PM: 8:30 PM:
·  Snowbasin / Powder Mtn Week Long

·  Snowbasin / Powder Mtn 5-Day

·  Breckenridge Week Long

·  Snowmass / Aspen

·  Mount Bohemia

·  Steamboat

·  Breckenridge 5-Day

·  St Anton, Austria & Berlin

·  Whistler, BC, Canada

·  Copper Mountain



Please enter Crazy Pour through the OTB patio rear parking lot entrance, located on the west side of the building. The patio gate facing North Ave will be locked.  Membership will be at the patio entrance membership table. You are encouraged to sign up for membership online prior to Wednesday but if you need a membership application, you can get one here. DO NOT enter Crazy Pour at the main entrance. Enter only through the OTB Patio.

It is recommended that prior to Trip Kick-Off, members print & fill out trip applications for the trip(s) they are signing up for.  Trip applications can be found by clicking here. Please bring a pen with you to trip kick-off.

Trip applications and information will be handed out, and your pre-printed applications will be numbered, by the trip leaders in the OTB patio area. This will begin at 7:30pm and 8:30pm for the respective trips. Trip sign up and the turning in of completed applications, along with deposits, will be taken by the trip leader inside Crazy Pour.  No trip applications will be handed out, numbered, or accepted prior to the 7:30pm or 8:30pm starts of the Trip Kick-Off event.

Due to the pandemic, sign up for our international trips has been postponed. St Anton and Whistler will accept trip applications only and place members on a wait list. Those wanting to go on these trips, can submit a trip application and will be first in line to sign up at their kickoff.  Deposits and full sign up for these trips will occur at the October 21st general meeting.

IMPORTANT: We need to maintain the maximum 50 people per room rule so after you have completed signing up for trips, feel free to stay for a drink and socialize, but please move to one of the  outside patio area, the banquet room, or the main bar area.


                            Regular Trip Kick-off Policies

  1. You must be a member in good standing to sign up for a trip.  Membership will be verified, and wrist band will be attached. Trip leaders will not take applications from applicants without wrist bands.
  2.  In order to have priority at Trip Kick-Off your membership has to be renewed or established prior to the Trip Kick-Off event – Wednesday, August 19th, 2020. Members signing up for membership at trip kick-off will be issued a different color wrist band
  3. You may only sign up yourself and one other person.
  4. Club Board Members, Committee Heads and Trip Leaders are allowed to sign up before the “Trip Kick Off”.  Pre-signing up of an additional member is limited to trips that board members, committee heads and trip leaders are signing up for
  5. Do not combine checks.  A separate check must be submitted for each trip and club membership. Date on check should be the August, 19 2020 kickoff event date.
  6. To avoid long lines at the trip sign up tables, trip leaders may distribute numbered applications for each trip. (Example: Snowmass, Snow #1 thru #44)
  7. No application mailed or in-person will be processed until the Trip Kick Off event. Mailed applications will be processed after all in-person applications. Postmark will determine the order the application will be taken, if postmark is unreadable, postmark will be deemed date of receipt.
  8. All applications must have the accompanying deposit check or cash. Deposit must be a minimum of the initial trip deposit stated
  9. Applicants placed on the waiting list must be members and have a deposit check for the proper amount.
  10. Applicants must provide required information as per the TSA:
    • Name (as it appears on government-issued ID: passport or drivers license)
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    For details, please visit the

For more info visit:  or email:  Call: Dave Shute @ 630-479-0985

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